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Erectile Dysfunction treatment made simple

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Product Description

  • Unique formula, that uses a cooling then warming effect to stimulate the nerve endings in the penis
  • For Male Erectile Dysfunction
  • To be massaged to the glans (head of the penis) for 15 seconds, 10 minutes prior to sexual activity
  • Clinically proven and safe to use


Further Information


Using a unique combination of ingredients that causes an increase in blood flow to the penis by cooling followed by gradual warming, Eroxon Stimgel has been clinically proven to help patients get an erection within 10 minutes of application.


  • The contents of one tube (0.3ml) are to be rubbed onto the head of the penis for approximately 15 seconds.
  • The effects of Eroxon typically last for one sexual intercourse activity
  • There is no limit to how often it can be used, this is due to its good safety profile and lack of active ingredient.


 Side Effects of Using Eroxon Stimgel 

Due to its excellent safety profile, Eroxon has minimal side effects. Studies have demonstrated that the most common of these were low incidences of headaches.


If you require more help or information you can use the chat option or give us a call.

Eroxon Stimgel comes in one pack size containing 4 individual tubes. Each tube contains 0.3 ml of gel. The contents of one tube only should be used for each sexual interaction to combat erectile dysfunction. This small amount is adequate to help achieve an erection under stimulation.

4 x 0.3 ml tubes

How does Eroxon actually work?

Eroxon Stimgel has very unique properties, it uses rapid cooling and warming technology to stimulate the nerve endings on the glans (tip) of the penis. The gel comes as a very small amount, 0.3 ml, in a tube. It should be massaged on the glans (tip) of the penis for approximately 15 seconds triggering the cooling then warming effect.

How long will it take Eroxon to work?

Eroxon should begin to work within 10 minutes of application to the head of the penis. Sexual stimulation is needed in order for it to be effective.

Will the gel feel cold when applied to the penis?

Yes, it will feel cold for the first minute as the cooling effect kicks in but should return to its normal temperate after a few minutes.

Should I avoid eating before taking Eroxon Stimgel?

No. Eroxon is a topical gel that has unique properties and does not pass through the gastrointestinal tract, it simply evaporates after application. It works locally (on the penis), therefore food will not affect its absorption or mechanism of action.

Can I drink alcohol with Eroxon?

Alcohol is known to contribute to and sometimes cause erectile dysfunction, especially if it is not consumed in moderation. To get the maximum benefit from the treatment, it is best to avoid excessive amounts of alcohol.

What does Eroxon Stimgel look like?

It is a gel that comes in a small tube. The amount of gel may seem very little (0.3 ml), but this is enough to enable an erection under stimulation.

Is Eroxon Gel ok to use with condoms?

Eroxon can be used with latex condoms

How long will the effects of Eroxon last?

One tube is intended to be used for each sexual intercourse attempt

Can Eroxon Stimgel be used for any type of erectile dysfunction problem?

Yes, it has been through testing in mild, moderate and severe cases. Regardless of the reason for erectile dysfunction (ed), it can be used safely and effectively.

What strengths of Eroxon are available?

It only comes in one formulation, there are no strengths.

I take different medicines, can I still use Eroxon?

Eroxon Stimgel can be used if you are on medication as it is a topical gel with unique properties and uses rapid cooling and warming technology to stimulate the nerve endings on the penis. If you are still apprehensive and want more information you can get in touch with us by using the ‘Need Help?’ option or sending us a message. Alternatively, you can give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Is Eroxon Stimgel suitable for use in women?

No, it is only licensed for use in men.

Can I drive after using Eroxon?

Yes, Eroxon does not cause the potential side effects which oral erectile dysfunction medication can cause such as blurred vision and dizziness.

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